About Us

Pura Vida Snorkeling

Pura Vida Snorkeling was born out of a love for the ocean, passion for education and community, and a desire to protect them. Our mission is to ensure that generations to come will be able to explore the oceans and witness the incredible biodiversity that we see today.   

We are the first snorkel operation company to be certified as a Green Fins Member in Costa Rica! Green Fins is an initiative of the UN Environment Programme and International Reef World Foundation that focuses on reef conservation through sustainable marine tourism.

We also sponsor local marine research projects conducted by high school students on our boat. They are investigating the health of local coral species, Porites lobata and providing data to the U.S. based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) through the Phytoplankton Monitoring System.

Pura Vida Snorkeling supports the local Costa Rican population and community. Pura Vida Snorkeling is locally owned and operated, providing sustainability not only to the environment, but to the people as well.

Your purchase with Pura Vida Snorkeling goes beyond creating memories, it supports the planet, communities and the future.

The Crew


Frank is a proud Guanacasteco! He was born and raised in Tamarindo and remembers the days of the town having only a single dirt road. He is a passionate surfer, fisherman, and loves sharing this incredible place he calls home with others. Frank is our experienced captain who is an advocate for protecting the ocean and supporting the people of Guanacaste. When not on the boat he studies finance and teaches financial literacy to the local youth.


Nicole is our operations manager and resident biologist. She loves all things living! She has been in science education for over 11 years and currently teaches at a local high school and coordinates our research projects. She is originally from Colorado and is consistently humbled by the endless beauty of Costa Rica.


Andy grew up on the shores of Brasilito. He is a talented free diver and spear fisherman. His passion for biology runs deep and he enjoys exploring the tropical waters with clients. He is full of knowledge and knows exactly where to look for the incredible underwater biodiversity. We call him Octopus King for they seem to have a strong connection! When he is not in the water he enjoys spending time with his friends and family.


Adela is our Marketing Manager She is  passionate for the ocean and promoting local sustainability business through her marketing expertise.


Mako is our Mascot, he likes to go on walks and bite squishy things. He has a lot of energy!!

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