Inshore Fishing & Snorkeling Combo

Looking for diverse activities? Join us for an incredible fishing and snorkeling combo tour that your friends and family will love! This private tour is the perfect combination to make the whole family happy! You will have the chance to catch rooster fish, tuna, jacks, snook, bonito, snapper and more with our experienced fishing guides! Then we will head underwater to witness the amazing biodiversity of the secluded snorkeling spots only accessible by boat. This combo tour is sure to satisfy the entire group as you kick back and relax, Pura Vida Style.

Time 7:30 -12:00

Price: 500$ for 4 people. Each additional person cost 30$ (maximum guest 7)
13% tax is not included in this price

Private Transportation Available for an additional fee.

Looking for a Half Day Ocean Trip for your  family, well this is the best option for you.

Three activities: Snorkeling, Fishing and Ocean Tubbing

Enjoy 5 hours with your family or friends doing the most fun ocean activities in Costa Rica . 

We departure from Flamingo Beach  at 8:00 am and we will be back at the shore at 1:00 pm.


– Private Boat 

– Billingual Captain & Snorkeling guide 

-Full snorkeling gear & Anti foggy solution 

– Fishing tackle bait & lures

– Ocean Tubbing for 3 people 

– water, soft drinks, beers & juices 

– Home made Burritos, Chips and cookies 

* Ask for prices

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